Kids’ orthodontics

Pediatric orthodontist

Monitoring children’s teeth is helpful for the future. Most of us are used to seeing teenagers with braces, but it’s effective to take your kids to an orthodontist before they reach the age of 10. Young ones in your family may start to see adult teeth coming in around age 7. Building a relationship with Amazing Smiles Orthodontics makes it easy to decide on a treatment plan that results in your child having straighter teeth.

Have our doctors in Illinois and Missouri spot issues around the teeth, gums and jaw early for a better smile down the road.

Benefits of early orthodontic treatment

Taking your kids to an orthodontist helps you identify problems that could become obstacles for patients later in life. Our pediatric orthodontics treatment plans are tailored to the needs of your family. Scheduling a consultation with our team allows us to detect common concerns like overcrowding or a misaligned bite, which often require surgery if ignored. Below are the primary benefits of visiting a children’s orthodontist:

  • Monitor the position of teeth: Your child’s orthodontist can best predict how permanent teeth will grow.
  • Lessen the need for jaw reconstruction: Orthodontics treatments may be more involved the later you start.
  • Minimize patient discomfort: Teeth that grow crooked or push on others can be painful.
  • Encourage strong speaking: Speech difficulties are often linked to the teeth and jaw.
  • Keep the teeth clean: A kid’s orthodontist can make sure the teeth grow with correct spacing. Children can brush and floss effectively.
  • Boost confidence: Pediatric orthodontics treatments help your child feel proud of their smile. Young ones will want to show off their teeth.

Our pediatric orthodontic services

Our pediatric orthodontists serving the Metro East area of Illinois and Clayton and St. Peters, Missouri, perform a wide range of treatments for children. Together, we will draw up the right course of action for your family members. We are proud to help patients of all ages, and we answer questions you have about pediatric orthodontics procedures for those under 18.

Review our pediatric orthodontics services below.

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