Community Involvement

We Proudly Support Our
Surrounding Communities

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We are always looking to give back through sponsorships, branded donations, and our team's time and talent. Do you have a group or event that could use support from Amazing Smiles? Here are requirements for consideration:

Community Support

If your group, organization or event needs support, please send
written requests to

We will only contribute to an organization or group; individual donation requests will not be considered.

For tax purposes, the sponsorship must include the practice name in some form of publication and/or advertising.

Requests must include specifics as to the nature of the organization, the amount requested, and any time limits for the request.

Requests must be submitted at least 2 weeks in advance of the deadline date.

Preference will be given to patients of our practice that qualify for sponsorship/donations.

If there are multiple teams in a league, we may only sponsor one team in that league.


We look forward to helping you keep your smile amazing!