Why us

At Amazing Smiles, we believe that everyone deserves healthy, beautiful teeth. We are committed to providing you and your family the highest quality care through cutting-edge technology, experienced practitioners, and dazzling results.

Why choose Amazing Smiles Orthodontics?

We love making people smile. The moment clients step into our office, they know they’ve entered no ordinary practice. Our attention to detail sets us apart, from the teeth-brushing station to use before appointments, to the sleek, colorful decor that brightens our rooms. Every client is treated with respect, and no question is too big or small for us to answer. In treatments, we use high-tech equipment and the most cutting-edge methodologies and know exactly how to help you achieve a brilliant smile.

We’re committed to spreading smiles outside of our office, too. Our practice gives back to our community throughout the entire year – so far we’ve contributed over TWO MILLION DOLLARS in sponsorships and donations. We support our local schools, sports teams, scouting troops, community heroes, and our local kids, too (ask about our tours!).

Most importantly, we know that healthy teeth should have no restrictions. We are dedicated to working with clients so that they can achieve the optimal level of care regardless of your financial situation. Whether through insurance or payment plans, we will ensure that your smile is one you’re proud to show off.

Who are we?

Led by Dr. Jeff, the Amazing Smiles team is composed of unique individuals who together make up a family. Friendly, attentive, and professional, we go above and beyond to help each client feel comfortable and find their most beautiful smile.