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Orthodontist office in Glen Carbon

At Amazing Smiles, we believe that patients of all ages deserve a healthy, beautiful smile. Our team is proud to provide a range of orthodontic services to adults, teens and children. We understand that every smile is unique and offer treatments tailored to your needs, such as Invisalign® and braces.

Amazing Smiles is proud to serve patients in the Glen Carbon, Illinois area at our office located at 2220 S State Route 157, Suite 125. When you choose us, our team will go above and beyond to help you achieve a beautiful smile for years to come. Call us at 618-288-0600 or fill out our simple online form to schedule your free consultation today.

Meet our orthodontic team

When you schedule an appointment with our office, our team of doctors can help you feel confident you will receive outstanding care. Dr. Jeff Mastroianni and Dr. Raven Yayah are passionate about helping patients achieve their ideal smiles. They bring passion and enthusiasm to the office each day to provide the best possible experience for our patients.

Whether this is your first or tenth time in the office, our orthodontists in Glen Carbon will help you feel welcome and comfortable.

How we serve you

When you enter our office in Glen Carbon, you’ll realize that the Amazing Smiles practice is a step above the competition. From attention to detail to the careful decorating choices in each room, we put our patients first in every decision. We treat every client with respect and answer any question you have, big or small. Our office also uses the best equipment available to help you achieve a dazzling smile.

We believe that healthy teeth should not be a hardship for anyone. Whether you need assistance with insurance or a payment plan, our office will help improve your smile regardless of your financial situation.

Our orthodontic services in Glen Carbon, Illinois

At Amazing Smiles, we offer a wide selection of orthodontic services to meet the needs of our patients.

  • Invisalign®: Invisalign® clear aligner treatment is a cutting-edge approach to straightening your teeth. These clear aligners are popular among teens and adults and are a comfortable way to straighten your teeth. Our orthodontists at amazing smiles are diamond providers and invisalign® teen providers. This distinction means that our orthodontists are within the top 1% globally of all invisalign® providers.
  • Ceramic braces: Ceramic braces work like traditional metal braces — they use a wire to move your teeth into position. Unlike metal braces, our ceramic braces will use a clear or tooth-colored bracket for a discreet way to align your smile.
  • Metal braces: Metal braces are an effective way to straighten your teeth. These metal braces and brackets are durable for a long-lasting method to improve your smile. Patients also have the option to customize their braces with colored elastics.
  • Temporomandibular joint disorders: Temporomandibular joint disorder or TMJ/TMD can cause headaches and pain around the face and neck areas. Amazing smiles uses digital diagnostic technology to create a customized treatment plan to help you feel better as soon as possible.

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Amazing Smiles proudly provides outstanding service for all our patients. To schedule an appointment at our orthodontist office in Glen Carbon, fill out our online request form or call us at 618-288-0600 today!