Emergency orthodontics

Emergency orthodontic care in Greater St. Louis

At Amazing Smiles, we offer emergency orthodontic care when the unexpected happens. Our team is trained to handle many time-sensitive situations and will inform you if your injury requires a trip to the emergency room. Orthodontic emergencies can be nerve-wracking, especially when you’re unsure whether you need immediate care. Many orthodontic issues can wait a few days while you schedule an appointment with an emergency orthodontist near you. When you need emergency orthodontics, trust the experts at Amazing Smiles to fit you in quickly and care for your situation efficiently.

Read more about emergency orthodontics below to find out what situations constitute an emergency and when you should see an emergency orthodontist.

What is an orthodontic emergency — and what isn't?

Orthodontic emergencies are uncommon, but they can happen. In many situations, you can exercise extra care and wait a day or two until you can get an appointment with your orthodontist.

That said, there are circumstances where you should seek emergency orthodontics immediately. Check out the list below to learn what issues require urgent attention.

Orthodontic emergencies

Below are some rare situations that call for immediate care:

  • Major injury or trauma to the face
  • Swelling, infection or bleeding of the gums, face or mouth
  • Severe and unmanageable pain in the mouth

If you experience any of the above, seek medical attention immediately. Depending on the injury, your best option may be to visit the emergency room.

Less urgent situations

Many orthodontic issues create minor annoyances and can worsen over time. If you experience any of the following, you should schedule an orthodontist appointment as soon as possible:

  • Loose bracket: If your bracket is still attached to the wire, keep it there and cover it with wax. If it comes off completely, cover it with tissue and bring it to your emergency orthodontist appointment.
  • Loose wire: Schedule an appointment as soon as you notice any loose wires to get it readjusted. In the meantime, you can cover the end with wax to limit discomfort.
    Food stuck in your teeth: If you get food stuck in your teeth and it’s causing you pain, see your orthodontist as soon as possible. They can remove debris and keep your teeth safe.
  • General soreness: It’s normal to experience mild discomfort, especially after an adjustment. If the pain lasts for more than a few days and becomes unmanageable, you may want to schedule an appointment with your orthodontist.

Why choose Amazing Smiles as your emergency orthodontist?

Our team at Amazing Smiles genuinely cares about each patient. We love making people smile, and we take pride in helping people gain confidence and improve their health through successful orthodontic treatment.

We use high-tech equipment and innovative orthodontic techniques for the most reliable and efficient results. Choose Amazing Smiles for premier orthodontic care and friendly, professional service you can trust.

Start your journey to a straighter smile and greater confidence today! Contact us online to schedule a free consultation appointment at one of our offices in Glen Carbon or O’Fallon, IL, or Clayton or St. Peters, MO.