Clear ceramic braces

Clear braces in Greater St. Louis

Some people want to improve their smile but worry about the appearance of metal braces. Straightening your teeth more discreetly is possible with ceramic clear braces. See a transformation in your teeth thanks to Amazing Smiles Orthodontics.

We have experience with ceramic braces for children and adults. Live a professional life or attend school with confidence. We can help you find out if clear braces are an appropriate option to correct the orthodontics troubles you face.

Are you a good candidate for ceramic braces?

Ceramic braces feature clear brackets and are appealing to teens and working adults. Rather than relying on colorful pieces of metal to fix your smile, patients with ceramic braces have teeth-colored brackets and discreet archwire fixed inside the mouth. This results in a treatment method that is barely noticeable from the perspective of colleagues or classmates.

These clear braces are just as dependable as traditional metal braces. The main advantage is you can smile confidently, knowing brackets, wiring and o-rings blend in with your natural teeth. If you’ve always wanted to address crooked teeth, overcrowding issues or a misaligned jaw without drawing attention, clear bracket braces are an excellent solution for you.

Benefits of clear ceramic braces

Aside from their effectiveness, the largest benefit of ceramic braces is how unnoticeable they are. Our orthodontists use clear ceramic braces to fix many problems relating to the teeth and jaw. You can wear ceramic braces for months or years, and the materials stay well-hidden for pictures, presentations at work and other important moments.

Clear braces have come a long way in recent years. The ceramic brackets and technology we use at Amazing Smiles Orthodontics are highly durable and less prone to discoloration. Eat the foods you enjoy with fewer concerns that brackets will stain. Additionally, ceramic braces are a low-maintenance treatment option. Our doctors will suggest a special toothbrush to help you keep the braces clean.

Patients must return to one of our offices in Illinois or Missouri for routine adjustments. These visits are spaced out about every six weeks.

What is the cost of clear braces?

All patients have different needs for orthodontics services. Generally, clear braces cost a little more than traditional metal styles. The team at Amazing Smiles Orthodontics will tell you more about pricing details after your initial consultation. We strive to make your ceramic braces treatment affordable, and we work with a long list of insurance providers. We also have flexible financing plans available for your family.

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