Teeth crowding correction

What is teeth crowding?

Teeth crowding is a type of malocclusion that occurs when your teeth need more room to grow than they have. While lower teeth crowding can cause numerous other issues, the condition is treatable. Dental crowding is a common issue, so experienced orthodontists have the knowledge and tools to provide a solution.

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What causes teeth crowding?

If you look into a mouth with crowded teeth, you’ll notice they overlap and try to occupy the same space. Something has happened that caused the teeth to compress. In some cases, the cause of teeth crowding is genetic. The jaw may be naturally smaller, meaning the teeth didn’t have enough room to grow in.

Crowding can also occur if baby teeth fall out too early, extra adult teeth develop or the teeth are abnormally large. Additionally, habits like thumb sucking may gradually force the teeth closer together. Crowding can also occur after a serious jaw injury.

Effects of crowded lower teeth

Lower teeth crowding can lead to numerous adverse effects. For one, crowding makes it more difficult to take care of your teeth. You may have a higher chance of dental decay and gum disease. Crowding also reduces your ability to chew, which can cause digestive problems. Additionally, crowding may leave you feeling less confident in your smile.

Benefits of teeth crowding correction

There are plenty of reasons to consider treatment for crowded teeth. The doctors at Amazing Smiles Orthodontics are here to help you experience all of the benefits of a straighter smile, including:

  • Relief from jaw pain.
  • Greater oral hygiene.
  • Improved self-confidence.
  • Fewer digestive complications.
  • Better vocal articulation.

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