Kids Braces

Kids Braces in Metro East and Clayton, MO

When your child turns seven, it's time to get them evaluated by an orthodontist for the first time. An evaluation of their mouth at this stage allows the orthodontist to see emerging jaw, mouth and teeth issues that are more easily resolved while the jaw is still developing and kids are still losing and gaining new teeth.

Why Do Kids Get Braces?

There are many reasons why your kid might need braces, such as:

  • Problems with chewing, breathing or talking.
  • Thumb sucking or tongue thrusting.
  • Protruding or crowded teeth.
  • Missing or impacted teeth.

Does My Child Need Braces?

So, what should you look out for that signifies your child may need orthodontic intervention? These factors and behaviors may indicate alignment issues with the teeth and jaw:

  • Hereditary influences or genetic predispositions
  • An early injury involving the mouth, jaw or face
  • Thumb sucking beyond 5 years old
  • Losing baby teeth before they're 5 or after they're 13

Our Braces for Kids Teeth

Many people are surprised to learn that kids have just as many braces options as adults. When you meet with us for an evaluation, we'll go through all the appliances we have available to create a custom treatment plan that fits your kid's needs and provides results in as little time as possible.

If your child is in need of orthodontic service, we'll likely use one of these options:

  • Metal braces: The most common type of braces we use are the traditional metal braces, sometimes assisted by elastics. These braces are popular with kids because we can change the elastics to their favorite color or match whatever they're wearing.
  • Ceramic braces: While these braces work the same as metal braces, they're made from a transparent material that makes them less visible. You can also use elastics with ceramic braces. This option is a great way to help people feel more aesthetically comfortable with their braces while transforming their smile.
  • Invisalign: Unlike our other braces, Invisalign consists of two invisible, removable trays. You'll wear these aligners all the time, except when eating or brushing your teeth. For kids that don't like the look of braces or don't want brackets attached to their teeth, Invisalign is an excellent option.

Why Amazing Smiles Orthodontics?

At Amazing Smiles Orthodontics in Metro East and Clayton, MO, we live up to our name by providing premier care to every patient that enters our clinic, no matter their age. The younger we see a patient, the faster we can give them a smile they'll love and be confident showing off day after day.

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