Underbite correction

Underbite correction in Greater St. Louis

An underbite occurs when your lower teeth protrude farther than your upper teeth. This condition can be uncomfortable and cause several health issues. Fortunately, underbite treatment can help to properly align your jaws and correct the underbite.

The professionals at Amazing Smiles can address underbites and other orthodontic issues, sending you on your way to a healthier smile and greater confidence.

What causes an underbite?

The most common cause of an underbite is genetics. Many people with an underbite were born with it, and it probably runs in the family. Genetic factors such as a large lower jaw or overcrowded teeth can contribute to an underbite.

Although less common, underbites can also be caused by childhood behaviors. Behaviors such as excessive thumb sucking, mouth breathing, using a pacifier for too long and poor chewing habits may cause underbites over time.

Underbite symptoms

Left untreated, underbites can cause many unpleasant symptoms and lead to increased health risks. Underbites can cause the following symptoms and more:

  • Discomfort
  • Difficulty speaking, chewing and swallowing
  • Gum disease
  • Lower self-confidence
  • Misaligned teeth
  • Altered face shape

The earlier you can identify and treat an underbite, the better. Reach out to your orthodontist as soon as you notice any of the above symptoms.

Why correct an underbite?

Underbite treatment is essential to eliminate problems with your teeth and jaw and prevent further health risks from developing. Underbites do not reverse on their own, so nearly all cases require professional treatment.

Without proper treatment, symptoms such as pain and difficulty chewing or swallowing can worsen with age as the misalignment erodes your teeth’s enamel. Underbite correction becomes more difficult with age, so it’s crucial to pursue treatment as soon as possible — preferably before these symptoms manifest.

Why choose Amazing Smiles?

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When you need underbite correction in Glen Carbon or O’Fallon, Illinois, or Clayton or Saint Peters, Missouri, turn to the experts at Amazing Smiles. We’re here to help correct your alignment and set you on the path to a smile you’ll love to share. Contact our team online to schedule your free consultation today!