How to Take Care of your Retainers

Clear essix retainer in a teal retainer case

If you think about it, having braces is the easy part. You come into the office, they are adhered to your teeth, and from there they are adjusted for you by a professional. Just a little maintenance on your end to keep them clean. Then, once the braces are off, retainers enter the mix and…

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Help! My Dog Ate My Retainers!

Help! My Dog Ate my Retainers!

You’ve checked by your sink, by your bed, and in your mouth. It’s official—your retainers are nowhere to be found. Now what do you do? Your first thought may be that you don’t really need retainers anyway, now that you’ve completed your treatment and your teeth are perfectly straight, right? Wrong. Your Teeth Will Move…

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3 Myths about Braces That Every Teen Should Know

Middle Schooler with Braces

At Amazing Smiles, we are all about straightening things out – including the rumors that start when teens talk about braces! Here are some of the top misconceptions and myths we hear before people start orthodontic treatment: MYTH #1: I can’t play sports in braces The days of needing to sit on the sidelines during…

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