What Do You Do During an Ortho Emergency?

Woman with jaw pain holding her cheek

Fortunately, true orthodontic emergencies are few and far between, and most issues can be addressed right from home or the next time you see your orthodontist. Here are a couple of the most common scenarios: Issues You Can Manage from Home Have a wire poking out, or an awkward braces bracket irritating your mouth? These…

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Help! My Dog Ate My Retainers!

Help! My Dog Ate my Retainers!

You’ve checked by your sink, by your bed, and in your mouth. It’s official—your retainers are nowhere to be found. Now what do you do? Your first thought may be that you don’t really need retainers anyway, now that you’ve completed your treatment and your teeth are perfectly straight, right? Wrong. Your Teeth Will Move…

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Can I Afford Treatment?

Adult with orthodontic treatment payment plan

Orthodontic treatment gives us more than just a beautiful smile – it can also correct how we bite down, help with jaw alignment, and alleviate chronic headaches. But even when treatment seems like a win-win, making the investment can be a big decision. If you’ve been considering orthodontic treatment for yourself or your family but…

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All About Insurance

Insurance paperwork

Insurance helps make orthodontic treatment possible for millions of people, but if you don’t know how to navigate the tricky waters, you could be missing out on certain benefits! With open enrollment right around the corner, here are some of your top insurance questions, answered:   Who should I talk to about my insurance? Many…

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