Welcome, Dr. Ruppel!

Dr. Julie Ruppel from Amazing Smiles

We are so excited to introduce the newest addition to our amazing team of doctors, Dr. Julie Ruppel, D.M.D. M.S.! Being an orthodontist is Dr. Ruppel’s passion, and her genuine care for her patients is apparent in everything she does. She shares our team’s vision of using the latest technologies to make your orthodontic experience…

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Encouraging Your Child to Stand Up to Bullying

Encourage your child to stand up to bullying

October is National Bullying Prevention Month, uniting communities nationwide to educate and raise awareness of bullying prevention. At Amazing Smiles, we take a stand against bullying and work to empower our patients to take that same stand. What Bullying Looks Like You may think you know bullying when you see it, but consider these statistics:…

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4 Ways to Prepare Your Teen for High School Bullies

Amazing Smiles Prevents Bullying with Stand Up and Smile

Watch any high school movie and you’ll see bullying as a major plot point. Unfortunately, high school bullying is just as present in the real world. Today, it takes many forms — verbal, social, and physical — and it’s happening at school, after school, and online. Here are the facts: The School Crime Supplement (National…

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Brace Yourself For Summer Fun!

Amazing Smiles Summer Fun

We love summer in the midwest, don’t we? The sun is out, the pools are open, and everyone is ready to have some fun! Whether you’re traveling over summer or enjoying a stay-cation, here are some ways to enjoy the season while straightening your teeth. Summertime Treats That Are Braces-Friendly We know it can be…

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Stand Up to Bullying

Friends stand up to bullying

A brand new school year brings all kinds of exciting things – new friends, new teachers, and tons of new experiences. But unfortunately, many children are not so excited for the start of school, especially those prone to bullying. Getting bullied in school is harmful to a child’s education, school involvement, and can seriously affect…

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10 Must-See Summer Activities for St. Louis Kids

child having fun in summer

It’s the best time of the year – school is out, the weather is warm, and there are plenty of opportunities for adventure! Here are 5 must-do activities before heading back to school in the fall: School is out, the weather is warm, and it’s the perfect time for some adventure! To help plan what…

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Troop to Troop: Giving Back Near and Far

Girl Scout Troop to Troop

At Amazing Smiles, we believe our community is everything. That was the inspiration behind our development of the Troop to Troop program, which support scouts, first responders, and members of our military. This program combines two things we love – educating young people and supporting the people who work hard for our country and communities.…

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