What do you do during an ortho emergency?

Fortunately, true orthodontic emergencies are few and far between, and most issues can be addressed right from home or the next time you see your orthodontist. Here are a couple of the most common scenarios:

Issues you can manage from home

Have a wire poking out, or an awkward braces bracket irritating your mouth? These can easily be shifted with something firm like a pencil eraser, then covered with orthodontic wax. Braces can also occasionally cause small cuts in the mouth. If you experience cuts or irritation, just rinse out your mouth with warm saltwater and keep an eye on the area to make sure it heals correctly. 

When to call your ortho

Sometimes things come up that need to be addressed by your ortho team, but it can wait till the next day or next available appointment. If you have an appliance break, get loose, or you lose it entirely, get in touch with us to replace the piece. 

If you have an appliance break and it prevents your mouth from opening and closing correctly, don’t worry! We can quickly schedule an appointment to make sure you are comfortable and able to move properly.

When to call 911

True orthodontic emergencies are extremely rare, but if they happen, you should call 911 right away. If you are in an accident where a serious face or mouth injury occurs, see a doctor immediately to away to address any trauma that might have occurred. 

The other time where 911 would be most appropriate is if a piece of your appliance is accidentally inhaled, or gets in the way of you breathing properly. A paramedic will be able to quickly open up your airways and keep you safe! 

Your orthodontic appliances are built to be very durable and get you through day-to-day life, so it’s very uncommon that a true emergency comes up. But these tips should help make sure your treatment goes as smoothly as possible, and that you can be prepared in case something comes up. As always, we are here for you! If you have any questions or need us to check on your appliances, get in touch today.