Different Types Of Orthodontic Treatment With Amazing Smiles Orthodontics

Amazing Smiles Orthodontics is proud to offer a variety of unique orthodontic treatment options to patients of all ages in Glen Carbon, O’Fallon, Collinsville, University City, and the surrounding communities. We are committed to creating customized treatment plans that are designed to straighten your one-of-a-kind smile and enhance your unique facial features.

Whatever your reason for pursuing orthodontic treatment, we offer several types of treatment to meet your needs. Our innovative options, expertise, and high quality of care ensure a beautifully aligned smile that is also fully functional.

What types of treatment are available? What are the advantages to these types of treatment?

Amazing Smiles Orthodontics provides an initial orthodontic consultation free of charge. This is the first step in your orthodontic journey, and during this visit, we will acquaint you with the process and procedures for treatment. You’ll learn which type of treatment will work best for you and your smile, and discuss estimated treatment time along with the associated costs. After a thorough examination by one of our experienced orthodontists, we will develop a treatment plan that is customized for your specific case. Our orthodontic treatment options include:

  • Metal braces
  • Ceramic braces
  • Invisalign

Metal braces

Metal braces are the most common type of orthodontic treatment, and one of the most effective tools we have for correcting malocclusions. Composed of durable, long-lasting metals like stainless steel and nickel, traditional braces are often a go-to treating complex tooth issues. They can work faster at closing gaps and aligning teeth than other treatments might, which may shorten treatment time. They are also a cost-effective option because they don’t require some of the more complex technology or expensive equipment that newer treatments do. The overall strength, durability, and affordability of metal braces keep them at the top of our treatment list for orthodontic patients.

Ceramic braces

For patients who want the strength and reliability of traditional metal braces, but with a more discreet look, ceramic braces are an excellent option. Sometimes referred to as clear braces, tooth-colored braces, or esthetic braces, these function the same way metal braces do, but offer the additional benefit of semi-translucent ceramic brackets for very white teeth, or tooth-colored ceramic for slightly darker teeth. Either way, these brackets blend in well with a patient’s natural smile! Ceramic braces are about the same size and shape as metal braces, but much less noticeable. When they are paired with clear, white, or tooth-colored wires and elastic ties, they are an incredibly subtle way to straighten smiles. This type of treatment is especially attractive to our adult patients.

Hand displaying Invisalign


The Invisalign system uses a series of clear, removable aligners to gradually move the teeth into alignment. Invisalign aligners are custom-made trays that fit snugly over the patient’s teeth. The material they are made of is clear, smooth, and easy on the mouth. It doesn’t tend to irritate the gums or cheeks the way brackets and wires sometimes can. Aligners are switched out approximately every 2 weeks for the next in the series to keep teeth moving in the direction we want them to, and are designed to be worn 20-22 hours per day throughout treatment. When treating many of the most common orthodontic issues, Invisalign is just as effective as braces, but offers a nearly invisible way to straighten smiles. The removable aligners are also a bonus for patients who want an extremely flexible treatment option!

Different types of treatment to work with every smile

Whatever your orthodontic situation may be, Amazing Smiles Orthodontics is here to help your smile look and feel great! We offer these different types of treatment, each with its own advantages, because we know that not every smile is created equally. What will work for one patient may not be a good choice for another. That’s why it’s so important to schedule an orthodontic consultation. Our doctors have years of experience and will be able to recommend the course of treatment that’s best for your specific case after a thorough examination. By creating a customized treatment plan for each patient, our team is able to produce beautiful, functional, perfectly aligned smiles.

We would love to meet with you to discuss how we can help you get the smile you deserve! Schedule your FREE consultation today!