Types of Braces


When it comes to your medical treatment, it is important that you fully understand the options available to you. Knowledge is power, and in the case of orthodontic treatment, this knowledge allows you to better advocate for yourself or your child.

Our practice offers several types of braces and braces-alternatives that can help you achieve a healthier, more attractive smile. Selecting the correct option means considering the specific needs you have as well as your desires and comfort during treatment. This is a decision that we will make together, finding the perfect balance. Read below to learn more about the braces options available to you.

Traditional Metal Braces

traditional metal braces
These braces are a classic choice—and they are classics for a reason. When it comes to effective braces treatment, these deliver excellent results. In cases where the problems are significant, they are often the only option.

Despite them being so effective, many people have an aversion to them. They associate them with painful and inconvenient treatment, as well as awkward adolescence. However, the metal braces used at our practice are not the same as those that were used 30 years ago. In fact, they aren’t even the same as those that were used 10 years ago.

The field of orthodontics has seen many advancements over the years, and even traditional metal braces have been effective. The braces we offer are significantly more comfortable. They are also less visible and work faster, making them a great choice all around.

Ceramic Braces

ceramic braces
These braces are essentially your traditional braces, but in place of the metal brackets, they use ceramic ones. These ceramic brackets are colored to match the tone of your teeth, allowing them to blend in. From even a short distance, they become invisible. When speaking with someone up close, they are minimally visible, making them ideal for professional settings.

These braces are an excellent choice for anyone wanting discreet treatment while requiring the use of traditional braces. However, most orthodontists will only use these on older patients—adults and responsible teens—since the ceramic brackets are more delicate than traditional, metal ones.

Invisible (Clear) Orthodontic Appliances


Invisible aligners
Invisalign® is a non-braces option that is well-suited to most teens and adults. Due to the nature of the system, it is not effective on more severe orthodontic impairments; however, it is equally effective as traditional braces when used to treat more common problems, such as minor spacing issues and slight misalignment.

When compared to other forms of treatment, it has several advantages in terms of the comfort of the patient. First, it is completely invisible, even when speaking closely with others. Second, it is removable. This means that you can take it out for brushing, flossing, eating, and drinking instead of working around the appliance. Invisalign has quickly become one of the most requested forms of treatment we offer.

To determine which type of braces is correct for you, we need to examine you and then discuss what you are wanting from your treatment. Before you know it, we will be helping you achieve the smile of your dreams.