Orthodontic Retention

Orthodontic Retention in the Metro East and Clayton, MO

Wrapping up treatment and getting your braces off usually means the longest part of the orthodontics journey is over. However, patients must remember that braces call for a multistep process to make sure teeth stay straight.

Amazing Smiles Orthodontics offers metal, ceramic and Invisalign® braces and orthodontic retention plans. See the results you want and trust our team of doctors for the retention solutions that keep your teeth stay the way you like them.

What Are Dental Retainers for?

Dental retainers fit a patient's mouth and prevent teeth from shifting. These oral devices consist of heavy-duty plastics and metal for maximum durability. Patients usually wear mouth retainers on a part-time basis, but some varieties are bound within the mouth for long-term support.

Orthodontists may recommend mouth retainers for other reasons. They can close an unwanted gap between teeth or correct a single tooth position in situations where traditional braces are unnecessary. Some children benefit from having a retainer to help with symptoms of temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ).

Types of Teeth Retainers for Patients

Your orthodontist will further explain the benefits of each retainer type once your initial treatment concludes. Some options include:

  • Fixed dental retainer: These appliances bond to the backside of the upper or lower teeth. The thin wiring holds teeth prone to movement. Patients are unable to remove fixed retainers.
  • Hawley dental retainer: This retainer features a wire, clasps and a plastic body. The wires wrap around select teeth to keep preserve orthodontic results. Hawley retainers can be worn on the top or bottom part of the mouth depending on a patient's condition.
  • Essix dental retainer: Orthodontists create this style of retainer through a vacuum-forming process. The PVC material sits on top of the teeth to hold them in place. Essix retainers are translucent and less noticeable.
Fixed permanent retainer on bottom teeth
Two blue hawley orthodontic retainers
Clear essix retainer in a teal retainer case

How to Care for Your Retainer

There are general rules that apply to all teeth retainer styles. You'll want to clean your retainer regularly. Fixed dental retainers can be cleaned with a standard toothbrush. Removable types scratch easily, so we recommend soaking your retainer in an orthodontist-approved cleaner.

Wear your retainer as directed by your orthodontist. Be sure to take your removable retainer out when eating or drinking, and you should store the device in its case.

Why Choose Amazing Smiles Orthodontics?

Amazing Smiles Orthodontics is dedicated to your orthodontics treatment plan. We help patients of all ages with braces and retention solutions so that every family member feels confident in their smile. Our doctors answer all of your questions, and our offices utilize the latest technology to improve teeth positioning.

We also offer flexible payment options, so your orthodontics treatments stay feasible.

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