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Everyone can benefit from a straighter smile. Some people might think it's too late to undergo orthodontics treatments or traditional braces are the only option. When you visit Amazing Smiles Orthodontics, you can explore Invisalign® inserts made specifically for your teeth.

Our Invisalign treatment plans help to straighten teeth and eliminate biting issues. By visiting one of our locations in Illinois or Missouri, you can correct your teeth and feel more confident in your smile. Rely on our knowledgeable doctors to give you the premier care you deserve.

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How Does Our Customized Invisalign Treatment Work?

Invisalign treatment plans involve clear aligners that fit over permanent teeth. Our Invisalign orthodontists take three-dimensional impressions of your teeth to create retainer-like inserts you wear for most of the day. Gradually, your teeth shift in a favorable direction for a straighter-looking smile.

Most patients choose Invisalign because the treatment process is free of stainless steel brackets, wiring and adhesives. You'll have a series of inserts to use throughout the treatment process, and our orthodontists monitor the position of your teeth to decide when you are due for updated inserts. Patients should wear aligners for about 22 hours each day to see a difference.

Invisalign inserts are often referred to as clear braces since they are completely see-through. Correct your teeth in as little as a few months.

What Are the Benefits of Invisalign Liners?

Using Invisalign trays is the most discreet way to straighten your teeth. Individuals of all ages can get Invisalign inserts, and most patients see significant results anywhere from 10 months to two years after they begin treatment. The main benefits of this treatment method include the following:

  1. It can solve issues like overcrowding or spaces between teeth.
  2. Translucent tray designs make it almost impossible to notice the liners.
  3. You can clean Invisalign trays with a standard toothbrush.
  4. Your aligners are removable for eating and drinking.
  5. There are zero dietary restrictions with Invisalign treatments.
  6. Patients can use the aligners without irritating the mouth or gums.

We Offer Invisalign Treatments
for Adults

At Amazing Smiles Orthodontics, we are Diamond Providers and Invisalign® Teen Providers. Our Invisalign treatment services are popular for adults, as you can correct your teeth or jaw without friends, family and coworkers even knowing. We mean it when we say we are in the top 1% of doctors offering Invisalign treatments in the world. With Amazing Smiles, you only get the best care for complete satisfaction.

Why Amazing Smiles for Invisalign Services?

Amazing Smiles Orthodontics makes it possible to correct your teeth with a budget in mind. Patients choose us for a wide range of benefits:

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