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The Difference Tech Makes in Your Treatment

The orthodontic industry has made incredible technological strides over the last several years, therefore raising the standard of care across the board. How do these new technologies affect you as a patient? Here are a couple of ways our cutting edge office uses tech to improve your treatment:

More Subtle, Lifestyle-Friendly Options

Orthodontics used to mean big, clunky brackets and long lists of foods and activities to avoid. But that is no longer the case! Amazing Smiles offers a variety of treatment options for teens and adults who want orthodontic treatment without all the restrictions or obvious appliances. For people who need flexibility in their treatment, Invisalign may be a perfect fit. This technology allows you to straighten your smile efficiently, but also to remove your aligners for important meetings or events. We also offer clear braces for those who are interested in treatment but don’t want to deal with obvious brackets.

Through these new, high tech treatment options, we can offer the best of orthodontic treatment in a lifestyle-friendly way that works for everyone.

Helpful, Accessible, World-Class Doctors

In the past, one huge barrier to treatment was finding an orthodontist who was a good fit for his or her patients, AND available for new patients or flexible appointments. But that is no longer the case! At Amazing Smiles, our helpful team is always available to patients – whether you require a same-day appointment or prefer a virtual consultation, we are here for you.

Our doctors and staff participate in extensive continuing education, so we can continue to provide the most modern solutions to your orthodontic challenges. We are proud of our designation as a Diamond Provider of Invisalign, which we receive as an office in the top 1% for Invisalign treatment.  

An Office Designed with Comfort in Mind

Perhaps the biggest advancement in orthodontic technology is the way we think about the in-office experience. Going to the orthodontist used to be a sterile experience that was boring at best (and downright miserable at its worst). But at a high-tech office like Amazing Smiles, we know fun and educational experiences help your overall oral health! That’s why we invest in everything from iPads in the waiting room to advanced 3D software to give you deeper insight into your teeth’s positioning and health.