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Stand Up to Bullying

A brand new school year brings all kinds of exciting things – new friends, new teachers, and tons of new experiences. But unfortunately, many children are not so excited for the start of school, especially those prone to bullying. Getting bullied in school is harmful to a child’s education, school involvement, and can seriously affect their self-confidence for life. This year, encourage your child to step up and put an end to bullying with these three steps:

Be Involved and Informed

The first step to helping your child prevent bullying is to be knowledgeable about what goes on inside and outside the classroom. By asking simple questions about their day and getting to know their friends, you’ll start to get a feel for kids that could be potential victims of bullies, or perhaps which kids are most likely to do the bullying.

School events are another great chance to get involved and experience how your child and their classmates interact firsthand. Volunteer for class parties, book fairs, field trips, and other events to meet the kids and school staff.

Lead by Example

The best way to show your child how to stand up to bullying is by example. There are lots of little ways to demonstrate kindness, whether you’re encouraging the people in your neighborhood, or speaking up when you see something unfair, or helping someone else solve a problem. If kids see how adults stand up for each other and support one another, they will do the same in the classroom.

Build Them Up

The best way to end bullying is to stop it from ever happening! Often, kids who pick on other kids only do it because they have felt their own form of rejection. Spend time each day building your child up by telling them something you love about them, something you are proud of, or something that makes them special. Then, when they are faced with a difficult situation at school, they will have the confidence in themselves to do the right thing!

At Amazing Smiles, we are committed to helping end bullying forever. Every year, our team visits schools, hosts field trips, and otherwise support organizations that help teach kids to identify and shut down bullying. To learn more or to see how you can get involved, contact us at office@amazingsmiles.com.