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Invisalign at Any Age

Think you’re too old for Invisalign, or clear aligners? Or maybe you feel you’re still too young? Think again – Invisalign can work for people of all ages!

What Is Invisalign?

The Invisalign system is not a fixed orthodontic appliance like braces. Instead of brackets, bands, and wires, it uses a series of clear, removable aligners. These custom-made trays are made of a comfortable plastic material and have small, tooth-colored attachments that allow them to fit snugly over your teeth. Aligners will generally be switched out every 1 week for the next in the series. This helps keep up with the movements your teeth are making.

Am I Too Old?

No! Many adults believe that they are beyond the help of braces and Invisalign because they have been told that as adults, their teeth are fully set in their jaws and can no longer move.

The truth is that with the right pressure, you can straighten your teeth at any age. We recommend Invisalign for adults especially, because while it is common to see teenagers with traditional braces, some adults may feel self-conscious about having metal in their mouth. Invisalign is a discreet option for straightening your teeth as an adult.

Another benefit to Invisalign is they give you the results you want, in as little as 6 months, based on the complexity of your case. Many people start seeing results in a matter of weeks!

Am I (or is my child) Too Young?

Unless they are younger than 7-years-old, no! Around age 7, children are growing quickly and often have a combination of permanent and baby teeth, which makes it the perfect time to introduce them to their orthodontic team.

At this stage, orthodontists can see issues that may need early treatment to address a developing problem. Invisalign has a special product called Invisalign First, which is designed for predictable results and a positive experience while addressing the unique needs of children.

How Do I Get Invisalign?

If you are considering using clear aligners to create a healthier, straighter smile, make an appointment with your orthodontist today! With an orthodontist providing your treatment, as opposed to do-it-yourself options, you get the benefits of talking through your goals with a trained and certified expert.

Clear aligners like Invisalign can be a great fit for many people, young and old, who want to straighten their smile. If you’re considering options to improve your smile, get in touch with us today to schedule your complimentary examination!