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Introducing Stand Up and Smile

We are so excited to announce our newest community initiative, Stand Up and Smile! Through this program, our hope is to teach kids to ‘be a buddy, not a bully’ and to make bullying a thing of the past. Dr. Jeff and the Amazing Smiles team have always been passionate about anti-bullying education. Our Stand Up and Smile program will allow us to reach even more kids in our community, and help provide the resources necessary to address this important issue.

Here are a few ways you can get involved:

School Programming

Amazing Smiles teamed up with the wonderful Megan Meier Foundation to bring anti-bullying education to the classroom. Tina Meier, founder of Megan Meier Foundation, created the organization with a vision ‘to live in a world where bulling and cyberbullying no longer exist’. She combines video plus facilitated activates to teach students how to identify bullying, be a better friend to others, and celebrate the individuality of their peers.

If you are interested in having the Megan Meier Foundation virtual seminar gifted to your school, please reach out to our Community Relations Coordinator Laura at laurakelley@amazingsmiles.com!

Sign the Pledge

Ready to let the world know you’re committed to standing up for what’s right? Sign our ‘Be a Buddy, Not a Bully’ pledge here! Kids and parents both play a part of creating the change we need to stamp out bullying forever. So our pledge reminds our community to include those who are being left out, to accept people who are different from themselves, and to speak up when they see bullying. 

As a thank-you for signing the pledge, we’ll send you a Buddy Box with some Amazing Smiles and Stand Up and Smile swag!  

Look Out for Year-Round Events

From in-office Stand Up and Smile days, to essay and video contests, to social media blitzes, to events and giveaways, we are talking about anti-bullying year-round! Follow us on social media and check out our ‘community’ page to learn how to be a better friend (and win some fun prizes along the way).

We can’t wait for you to join us in our mission, so together we can Stand Up and Smile!