Community Antibullying

Stand up for what's right

Children all around the country suffer from teasing, online harassment, and other forms of bullying on a daily basis. They are often bullied for things totally beyond their control, and the bullying can have a lasting effect on their confidence, learning, and success. That's why Amazing Smiles takes a stand against bullying, and work to empower our patients to take that same stand.

Every year, members of the Amazing Smiles team visit schools, host field trips, and support organizations that give us a chance to teach kids how to identify and shut down bullying. Together, we hope we can end the worldwide issue of bullying so everyone can grow up feeling safe, valued, and loved.

Stand Up and Smile icon


To help us do that, we developed our year-round program Stand Up and Smile, which encourages kids to 'be a buddy, not a bully'. Amazing Smiles is proud to partner with schools, parents, and families to make bullying a thing of the past.

We hope you will join our cause, take the pledge, and encourage your kids to Stand Up and Smile!

'It Starts With Us' School Contest

Teachers, this is for you! Our team is excited to work with teachers and school faculty to make bullying a thing of the past. While we promote Stand Up and Smile year-round, we are especially eager to bring this important cause to your attention during October, which is National Bullying Prevention Month. That's why we created the 'It Starts With Us' contest, where classrooms grades 2-8 can submit their ideas to prevent bullying in their school. Our team will select and sponsor one great idea, in addition to providing the winning classroom with a $500 donation. We hope you will include this activity in your fall curriculum, and join our cause to create a kinder future for our kids!

All It Takes Is One

Bullying is all around us - it affects people of all kinds, at all ages, and in every part of the world. If you begin to look around, you'll unfortunately start to see just how common it can be. However, all it takes is one person to put a stop to bullying when they see it in action - and that one person could be you!