Different Types of Orthodontic Appliances and Their Uses

Dentists use many different orthodontic appliances to help improve your teeth’s appearance and health. Some standard orthodontic devices include braces, retainers, headgear and expanders. Below, you’ll find a complete orthodontic appliances list to help you understand what to expect. Your dentist can provide more guidance for what types of orthodontic appliances would best treat your…

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Celebrating National Bullying Prevention Month

National Bullying Prevention Month

In a few short days, the Amazing Smiles team will begin celebrating National Bullying Prevention Month for the whole month of October! Bullying prevention and awareness is something near and dear to our hearts, and we hope you will join us in working towards a brighter, kinder future. Here are a few ways you can get involved:…

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How Do I Know My Child Is Ready For Braces?

Happy Child in Braces

Around age 7 and above, our kids’ teeth, mouth, and jaw seem to change by the day – which makes it harder to know when they’re truly ready for braces! However, this period of dramatic growth also makes it the perfect time for them to meet their orthodontist.  Not sure if your child is ready…

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Megan Meier Foundation Partnership

Megan Meier Foundation Logo

As many of our patients and friends know, Amazing Smiles is passionate about anti-bullying education and promoting kindness among kids. That’s why we developed our year-round program Stand Up and Smile, which encourages kids to ‘be a buddy, not a bully’. We work with schools, parents, and families to make bullying a thing of the past. We…

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All About Insurance Part 2

Dental Insurance Form

Orthodontics can be pricy, but fortunately, there are all kinds of financing options and insurance benefits that can help. We’re back to answer more of your most frequently asked questions regarding all things ortho financing, benefits, and orthodontic insurance! What is a dental savings plan?  Savings plans are not considered insurance, but for a fee,…

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What Do You Do During an Ortho Emergency?

Woman with jaw pain holding her cheek

Fortunately, true orthodontic emergencies are few and far between, and most issues can be addressed right from home or the next time you see your orthodontist. Here are a couple of the most common scenarios: Issues You Can Manage from Home Have a wire poking out, or an awkward braces bracket irritating your mouth? These…

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Introducing Stand Up and Smile

Amazing Smiles Stand Up and Smile Buddy Box

We are so excited to announce our newest community initiative, Stand Up and Smile! Through this program, our hope is to teach kids to ‘be a buddy, not a bully’ and to make bullying a thing of the past. Dr. Jeff and the Amazing Smiles team have always been passionate about anti-bullying education. Our Stand Up…

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How to Take Care of your Retainers

Clear essix retainer in a teal retainer case

If you think about it, having braces is the easy part. You come into the office, they are adhered to your teeth, and from there they are adjusted for you by a professional. Just a little maintenance on your end to keep them clean. Then, once the braces are off, retainers enter the mix and…

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