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Athletics and Braces: A Guide for Parents

When your child gets braces, you may be worried they won’t have time to go to practices, could suffer a mouth injury, or you may not be able to afford both braces and the costs associated with having an athlete in the family. Good news — having a child with braces doesn’t mean they can’t participate in the sports they love!

Time: Is there time for appointments and practice?

You’re probably already driving your child(ren) to and from practices, meets, and games all the time as it is. Now you want to add regular orthodontists appointments to the mix? Don’t worry! There are options to help you save time and for your kids to make it to practice.

One way to save time is with telehealth, or teleorthodontics. This option utilizes virtual dental virtual consultations and smile assessment software and app so that appointments don’t need to be in-office.

Another way to help make time for appointments is by beginning treatment during the summer. This way, your child isn’t having to balance practices and games, appointments, and school. Also, early on in their treatment plan is when they will need to be seen for adjustments the most. Then, by the time school starts back up, they won’t need to come in as often.

Cost: Can I afford it?

We understand that braces is a financial commitment, and so is participating in sports. While considering your budget, keep these factors in mind:

Injury: What if they get hurt?

As a parent of a child who is involved in sports, you’re probably always worrying about an injury. Now add metal wires and brackets to the mix — ouch! Don’t worry though, there are products to help keep your child, and their braces, safe.

The best way to protect your child’s teeth, mouth, and braces while participating in physical activity is by wearing a mouthguard. Although an orthodontic model is strongly recommended, even a basic mouthguard will help prevent things like bleeding gums, broken brackets, or potentially fractured teeth.

In fact, you can lower the chances of damage almost twofold by wearing the right mouth guard, according to the American Dental Association (ADA).

If your young athlete is ready for braces, give us a call. Our team is here to set your mind at ease! We’re committed to helping your child continue to participate in their favorite sports while protecting their teeth and braces as we straighten their smile!