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A Case for Kids’ Care

When people think of orthodontists, they usually picture pre-teens in braces or adults with aligners. But kids can benefit from an early visit to the doctor as well! Around age 7, children are growing quickly and often have a combination of permanent and baby teeth, which makes it the perfect time to introduce them to their orthodontic team. Here are three key benefits of interceptive oral care: 

Identify Warning Signs

Most children will not need intensive treatment from a young age, and their first visit to an orthodontist will simply help establish a baseline. However, some things we think are normal childhood behavior can be indicators of a potential issue, and serve as an opportunity for proactive treatment. Things like protruding teeth, thumb sucking, or teeth crowding are all problematic signs your child may start to experience before they have a full set of adult teeth, so meet with your dentist and orthodontist early and often!

Avoid Bigger Issues

Like other medical issues, untreated orthodontic problems can go from manageable to challenging, painful, and expensive in only a couple short years. When you bring your 7-year-old in to see an orthodontist, you’re making the smart choice to be proactive and minimize the risk of extensive future care. This can save you and your child years of crooked teeth, extra treatment, and additional costs.

Build a Relationship

Getting orthodontic treatment can be a scary thing, especially if your child is meeting the doctor for the very first time. When you introduce your child to the office and staff from a young age, they have an opportunity to get comfortable, ask questions, and develop rapport with the people who will be involved in their treatment. This will lead to a more trusting relationship and ultimately a better outcome.

At Amazing Smiles, we love working with kids to develop healthy smiles for life! When your child turns 7, they’re eligible to join our 7&Up program, where they’ll receive complimentary evaluations, doctor reviews, and exams on an as-needed basis. Additionally, they’re able to join all of our 7&Up exclusive events and receive swag throughout the year.  Contact us to join the club today!